Welcome To The Court of Justice and Department of Justice
Welcome to the Democratic Earth Court of Justice and the Department of Justice. We are bringing the court out of subjective bias, into objective fundamental justice, which is synonymous with the objective philosophy of science. For this reason, the Chief Justice is the scientist who developed Democratic Earth and subsequently, this court. Here we seek resolution not retribution. We work to bring effective change to corrupt governments, human rights interests & issues and global issues.

Dedicated to global justice, we have developed (and are developing) an on-line system. People can file cases, evidence and information in our virtual courthouse; incorporate an international corporation; or become a global citizen. If you're concerned with human rights and constitutional law, you can become an advocate, lawyer, supporting justice or an agent of the court, by registering. Further, NGOs needn't just report on problems and/or issues - they can bring them into court - to work toward a resolution.

In any government calling itself a democracy, it is the people who have the rights of freedom not the government. The government is the servant of the people; not its master. Thus, the people have the right to protect themselves from any authoritative abuses carried out by the government. However, the legal system has developed in such a way that justice is prohibitive to those who cannot afford it. It, in essence, has reversed its role, and protects the government - not only allowing abuse, but in many cases fostering it. What used to be called the justice system, has rejected fundamental (basic, real, true) justice and embraced arbitrary, subjective, vigilante justice.

Prosecutors (including both the "Crown" & the D.A.) has stopped working for the interest of the public and are now working for the interest of the government. In a government-appointed, self-righteous fever they exact the punishment they deem appropriate from those they believe are evil and a danger to society. Arbitrarily, the toll they will exact depends on their ruthlessness and sense of indignation. However, the prosecutor is not alone, they are like their counterparts - the defense. For years, the defense has used the good intentions constitution to twist the law, gaining freedom for their client with they were innocent or not. This has lead to the view of lawyers without ethics or morals. So how did these people become lawyers? With the sanction and approval of the bar association or law society.

The bar association or law society is the governing body that sanctions and approves all lawyers. This government protected entity chooses its own for the right to practice. Only those who share and agree with the philosophy and principles of the law society and bar association are approved and sanctioned. Those are not, are restricted from practicing any where. This standard is, by definition, a total contradiction to the term, concept, philosophy of fundamental justice. Fundamental justice depends on the independence of all practicing. True (fundamental) justice must be objective (not subjective or authoritative) and therefore independent of government authorities and any (or all) sanctioning bodies (such as the bar association) that places arbitrary restrictions (regardless of the intent). However, evidence has appeared that the government and the sanctioning bodies are opposed to fundamental justice and have embraced subjective, authoritative, vigilante justice. Prosecutors do what they can (using any means) to obtain a conviction and seek the punishment (and pain) of the accused (guilt is presumed). While the defense, regardless of their knowledge of their client's guilt or innocence must seek acquittal or be disbarred. As for anyone challenging the system, they are locked out, via procedure.

Judges, who claim to be objective and just, come from the same legal system that (by definition) is anything but. They, by choice, reinforce the opinions of the sanctioning bodies. The court, via political laws, have split the judges into judges and justices. Judges, or J.P.'s (justice of the peace) sit in the lower courts - bail (show cause), traffic, provincial (political) offenses. While, justices sit under the criminal code, the constitution (or charter) and (supposedly) under fundamental justice. However, (based on observation) a bulk of the abuse occurs in the lower court, where the prosecutor reigns supreme. Here, the J.P. has been muted and rarely challenges the desires and wants of the prosecutor. It is here that the poor, the homeless, and the unfortunate people are abused by the system. It is here that the prosecutor, under direction of his political masters, terrorizes those in the system viewing all accused as guilty. Doling out punishment without conviction, in the name of public safety. It is here they block those, not sanction by authoritative bodies, from protecting those who need it. They prevent, and take, humanity away. All while the J.P. watches; all while the J.P. silences any opposition or concern; all while the J.P. chooses ignorance vigilante justice over objective fundamental justice. All for the J.P.'s political masters, who have created and sustain the system.

Then there are the politicians, who have created political laws and made the judges (J.P.'s) mere puppets, with no ability of discretion. In the name of public interest and safety, they are embarking on a dangerous path, slowly eroding rights and freedoms that made our system democratic and just. Slowly, we are become a vigilante society (a mob), screaming for vengeance from those who have wronged us. Slowly, the ideals of freedom - that was fought for in world wars I & II - are disappearing - fading - fading from memory.

Justice is a term often used in the context of a wrong done. Typically, it's used in reference to how the wrong will be righted. The problem here is one person's view of "justice" is not the same as the other. It's here that anger usually plays a large role and the term justice means - "an eye for an eye" or revenge. It's also from here that the term vigilante justice arises.

Vigilante justice is an ancient form of justice carried out, by one tribe against another "offending" tribe. (Typically, because there is no independent third party to mediate a solution.) Hence, vigilante justice appears, biblically, in the tribes of Israel. These "laws" of tribal justice appear in the books, "Exodus" and "Leviticus" of the Old Testament. As well as being found, historically, in the ancient Mesopotamian code of Hammurabi

"An eye for an eye, and a tooth for a tooth." Sounds very hard-nose doesn't it? It seems like an ancient recipe for harshness that modern society has long ago outgrown. Not so. Few passages in the Bible are as badly misunderstood as this one. The "eye for an eye" maxim is not about harshness; it's about proportional retribution. And our society has certainly not outgrown it. In fact, over the past 20 years, America has enacted a vast body of harsh laws to "get tough on crime" and they have enjoyed widespread political support.[Get-Tough Laws Under Biblical Scrutiny, by Paul M. Bischke]

Widely considered to be the basis of modern law, justice today is about, "proportional retribution". Although, it claims not to be. Many, today, as embodied in the above quote, believe that this form of law is too harsh - too barbaric. As such, political rhetoric tries to distance itself from the harshness of biblical law and retribution. Although, the reality of the modern justice system is just as barbaric. The reason has to due with the fact, that the desire for retribution, is an extension of pain, fear and anger. All of which, are taken up by the prosecutor on behalf of the victim.

It is the unstated goal of the modern justice to lessen, or control, the retribution. In the modern system, we have moved from divine wrath to human wrath. The wrath of today's system waxes and wanes with the political mood of society swings between right and left. The result has been an alienation of the population, with no help for the victim and no reform for offender. Both groups feel that justice no longer exists.

It's for these reasons that the Democratic Earth has created this court at its core, rather than develop a political system like the UN. This court and department is the means to restore justice (with-in the definition of objective fundamental justice) and to stand against (and in contradiction to) the growing vigilante justice system and its sanctioning bodies.